Hearing and Balance Center, P.C.

  • Healthy Hearing
  • 233 E. Erie, Ste 505, Chicago, IL (312) 573-2039
  • 715 West Hillgrove, La Grange, IL 630-910-8977


Hearing & Balance Center, P.C.

233 E. Erie
Ste 505

Chicago, IL 60611-5935

Parking in building. Handicap accessible with ramp to elevators. Parking available in any of the 3 Northwestern garages within 1/2 to 1 block of the office.

Phone: (312) 573-2039

Hearing & Balance Center, P.C.


Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday (alternating): 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm
Saturday (by appointment): 11am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Hearing & Balance Center, P.C.

715 West Hillgrove
La Grange, IL 60525

Free street parking. Easily accessible by BNSF Train. Office near Stone Ave. Station.

Phone: 630-910-8977

Hearing & Balance Center,  P.C.


Monday: Closed
Tuesday (as needed)
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday (alternating): 12pm - 7pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday (as needed)
Sunday: Closed